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What does Yoga mean in the Bhagavad Gītā? A semantic analysis

By Alba Rodriguez Juan, M.A.  The word “yoga” is extensively used in the BG in a variety of ways. This Indian narrative consists of 18 chapters, with each chapter named as a different yoga. Some scholars divide the BG into three sections, with the first six chapters dealing with karma yoga (the yoga of action), the next six chapters with bhakti yoga (the

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Praṇava Oṁ ॐ

By Andre Haralyi, M.A., C-IAYT The sacred syllable Oṁ represents the primordial sound, the infinite cosmic vibration,  the pulse of the universe, the Absolute/Supreme (Brahman)​*​ and therefore the means of Its meditation. It is considered the oldest and most venerated of all mantras according to Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all Yoga traditions. Oṁ is also used as a “root,” often

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Mantra Yoga

By Andre Haralyi, M.A., C-IAYT Mantras are energy-based sounds. According to the science of sound, known as mantra-vidyā, sound is a form of vibration (energy) and the entire universe is in a state of vibration. Sound, particularly repetitive sound, was recognized early on as one way to alter consciousness and later became a sophisticated means of religious expression and spiritual

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