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Citta (mind)

By Andre Haralyi M.A., C-IAYT The word citta is derived from the verbal root √cit, meaning “to perceive, to observe, or to know.” This word, commonly translated as “mind,”  is used as an umbrella term to refer to a variety of mental processes, mainly the faculties of consciousness, attention, intelligence or reasoning.   According to the Yoga-Bhāṣya (I.1), there are

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Human crisis and Covid-19. How can Yoga Philosophy help.

By Alba Rodriguez Juan, M.A. Current times are challenging for most of us. The widespread of Covid-19 around the globe has put humanity on trial. It has taken us to the present moment, here and now. This can be scary, especially for those who find hard to deal with uncertainty and are used to planning and doing. What to do

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Kleśas (afflictions)

By Andre Haralyi M.A., C-IAYT Kleśas are commonly translated as “afflictions,” but it is better understood as “the cause-of-afflictions.” These are the basic forces which prompt a person to act, think, and feel; they provide the cognitive and motivational framework that dictates how the ordinary person operates in this world. Kleśas are fivefold (Yoga-Sūtra II. 3 – 9): I. Avidyā:

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